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Remove yourself from the internet with these 5 tools

These 5 privacy tools help you remove your personal information from the internet. It’s a process but can be a worthwhile way to prevent identity theft. It’s not so easy to remove yourself from the internet! Our world is filled with data and that makes it quite challenging to find and delete personal information. But […]

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People search sites: How to remove yourself completely

People search sites are annoying and invasive. They make money by collecting your information from a variety of public sources to create personal profiles that they sell to other people. Here’s how to remove yourself from people search sites! If you’ve ever done a search of your name online, you likely have seen results from […]

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Follow these 10 privacy advocates on Twitter right now

There are many interesting and admirable privacy advocates on Twitter — too many to list here! Here are 10 to follow right now. Data privacy continues to dominate mainstream news, with privacy advocates worldwide stepping up their efforts to rebalance data privacy in favor of consumers over corporations. From the constant barrage of the latest […]

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The latest data breaches: A tracker to see if you’ve been hacked

Has there been a data breach today? Look at the latest data breaches to find out… …because the answer is likely yes! The United States is the world’s most breached country, with billions of records exposed each year — or about 19 records per person annually! To keep track of the latest data breaches, we […]