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Social Engineering Attacks: What You Need to Know

Social engineering attacks have become increasingly prevalent in the digital age as cybercriminals have found new ways to exploit human nature for their own gain. Simply put, social engineering attacks use deceptive messages designed to get someone to do something they would not otherwise do. These attacks often involve psychological tactics such as a sense […]

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Data Privacy Day Is January 28!

Data Privacy Day is a global event celebrated on January 28 to raise privacy awareness and promote data privacy education. The day is celebrated in 50 countries worldwide, mainly in Europe, but includes the United States, Canada, Israel, and Nigeria.[1] This article will briefly discuss the day’s history, celebration, and what you can do to […]

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How to Remove Yourself from True People Search

If you are searching for this solution it’s highly likely that your data is on True People Search If you’re uncertain that your data is on this particular public people search site, you can perform a simple Google Search with your name followed by “TruePeopleSearch.” Surprised by what you see from that search? You’re not […]