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Robinhood Stock App: Is it Safe?

Robinhood has made buying stocks easy and commonplace. But is the app a threat to your online safety and privacy? In 2020, the investment app, Robinhood, exploded in popularity. With a modern, easy-to-use interface, Robinhood has made investing in your favorite stocks simple and fun. As many users have put it, Robinhood makes investing feel […]

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The best secure messaging apps

As communication moves to messaging apps, it’s imperative to know which secure messaging apps incorporate strong features. Messaging apps have become the de facto form of communication for a large chunk of the world. The growth of this field has been exponential and has allowed for a great democratization of communication worldwide. As such, it […]

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SIM swap scam: This is how thieves take control of your phone – and your online accounts

Cybercriminals have a new tool in their kit known as a SIM swap scam that can let them break into some of the most secure accounts that are protected by two-factor authentication. As smartphones get smarter and smarter, they are becoming ever more connected to nearly every aspect of our lives. Most of us have […]

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Take these 8 mobile security threats seriously

Hackers are getting more sophisticated in their approaches and companies need to be aware of the most dangerous mobile security threats facing them. During the 2000s, it seemed like only those in suits at the top of the business chain were equipped with Blackberries and other early smartphone technologies. Fast forward 20 years and nearly […]

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This one graphic will make you rethink free apps on your phone

Earlier this year, popular dating apps like Tinder and Grindr were found to be sharing leaking sensitive data to advertisers. People were rightly outraged. These are very personal apps that have a lot of extremely personal information about users. How would you like it if an advertiser could use the contents of your intimate messages […]