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External Data Privacy Matters

“In the age of rapid technology developments, there is a clear mismatch between the legal/regulatory frameworks and the challenges towards privacy.” Hielke Hijmans Why It’s Important? As personal information spreads online, your external data privacy faces threats from hackers and unchecked data collection. While cybersecurity protects inside digital walls, vast sensitive data now resides outside, […]

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IC3 Report for Seniors Affected by Aftermath of MOVEit Breach

Data has become extremely important, significantly impacting our lives. Recent events like the data breach from MOVEit have highlighted the urgent need for highlighting the importance of IC3 reports for seniors. Especially when seniors are the largest group of people affected by the aftermath of the data breach, you can learn more about the effects […]

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What are web trackers? Which are the most common?

By now you’re probably aware that your activity on the web is being tracked. But what exactly are web trackers? What are the different types of trackers? And most importantly, what can you do to stop them? We all love the internet. We enjoy the information it contains, the entertainment it offers, and the convenience […]

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Opt out of creepy social media suggestions

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are constantly tracking you and suggesting people for you to add. So, how do you stop these creepy “recommended” pages on social media? Most of us have been active on the internet for years. Maybe even decades! And while we all enjoy the information, entertainment, and convenience it provides, the […]

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How to remove yourself from spam marketing lists

In recent years, shopping has become one of the most popular activities on the internet. But that trend has also made our inboxes appealing targets for marketing campaigns. So, how do you remove yourself from marketing lists and you take back control of your inbox? Electronic commerce, better known as e-commerce or online shopping, has […]

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How Can You Protect Your Family on the Internet?

Nowadays, it seems more and more difficult to control the flow of your data on the web. Data brokers and hackers are hungry for your personal information. And unfortunately, they’re lurking around every digital corner. So, what can you do to protect yourself and your family while on the internet? We all value our personal […]

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The best secure messaging apps

As communication moves to messaging apps, it’s imperative to know which secure messaging apps incorporate strong features. Messaging apps have become the de facto form of communication for a large chunk of the world. The growth of this field has been exponential and has allowed for a great democratization of communication worldwide. As such, it […]