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External Data Privacy Matters

“In the age of rapid technology developments, there is a clear mismatch between the legal/regulatory frameworks and the challenges towards privacy.” Hielke Hijmans Why It’s Important? As personal information spreads online, your external data privacy faces threats from hackers and unchecked data collection. While cybersecurity protects inside digital walls, vast sensitive data now resides outside, […]

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IC3 Report for Seniors Affected by Aftermath of MOVEit Breach

Data has become extremely important, significantly impacting our lives. Recent events like the data breach from MOVEit have highlighted the urgent need for highlighting the importance of IC3 reports for seniors. Especially when seniors are the largest group of people affected by the aftermath of the data breach, you can learn more about the effects […]

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How Privacy Bee Removes Your Personal Information

Privacy Bee’s mission is to protect your personal information from exploitation, remove your personal information from the internet when necessary, and give you back control of your privacy. Privacy Bee offers several tools—many of them free—to put you back in control. For example, we provide every user with a 100% free data privacy dashboard with […]

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What are Data Brokers? Here’s What You Need to Know.

You have almost certainly given Data Brokers the right to your personal information at some point. Data Brokers have become increasingly pervasive in our culture and daily lives. Yet, many people need to be made aware of this shadow industry that collects and sells our data without our consent, including personally identifiable information (PII). You […]

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How to Remove Yourself from True People Search – 2 Options

If you are searching for this solution it’s highly likely that your data is on True People Search If uncertain if your data is on this particular public people search sites, you can perform a simple Google Search with your name followed by “Total People Search.” For example, Tom Jones “True People Search.” Surprised by […]

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Prevent Social Engineering & Phishing By Deleting Your Data

This article will focus on removing your personal information to prevent phishing and social engineering attacks. While we would prefer to dive into the heart of the article and tell you exactly how to delete your data, it is vital to understand a few details, especially in dealing with the latest attacks. Thus, it is […]

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Deleting Instagram and other social media accounts

Tired of the endless scrolling? Wanting to reduce your digital footprint? Whatever your reason, you can follow these steps to learn how to delete your Instagram account in 2021. The past few years have established Instagram as one of, if not the most, popular platforms on all of social media. The app is a great […]

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Social media hygiene: How to delete tweets for good in 2021

Unfortunately, much of what you post online doesn’t simply disappear if you delete it. Do you need to clean up your Twitter without deleting it entirely? Here’s how to permanently delete past tweets in 2021! For over a decade, Twitter has been an internet staple. In just a few short years after its launch in […]

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Opt out of creepy social media suggestions

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are constantly tracking you and suggesting people for you to add. So, how do you stop these creepy “recommended” pages on social media? Most of us have been active on the internet for years. Maybe even decades! And while we all enjoy the information, entertainment, and convenience it provides, the […]

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How to remove yourself from spam marketing lists

In recent years, shopping has become one of the most popular activities on the internet. But that trend has also made our inboxes appealing targets for marketing campaigns. So, how do you remove yourself from marketing lists and you take back control of your inbox? Electronic commerce, better known as e-commerce or online shopping, has […]