Proactive Privacy Protection for All Employees

Companies that deploy Privacy Bee across their organization actually save more money each year than our benefit costs, making it a no-brainer addition!

Customer Privacy Requests

Centralized management of all customer privacy requests, with auxiliary contact lookup info. Replace expensive privacy management software - ours is 100% free!

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Integrated Privacy Feed

Privacy Bee a large base of consumers declaring privacy preferences every day. Rather than receiving emails, we offer a suite of privacy integrations to help you honor their wishes (API Feeds, Plugins, Zapier, etc).

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Privacy Pledge & Seal

Want to show your customers you care about their privacy? Sign our pledge and receive a free seal which increases conversion rates and builds customer loyalty!

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Privacy as a Benefit

Upgrade your team's privacy! Add our protection to your business as an Employee Benefit, or for your organization's members as a perk.

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Unsubscribe Monetization

Let us manage your email unsubscribes, and anyone we upsell will earn you commission! It's 100% incremental money; a customer that was going to zero might now become ongoing, recurring revenue.

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Extensive Affiliate Program

Are you a tech writer or have a privacy-focused email newsletter? Earn generous, recurring commissions by promoting Privacy Bee to your readers!

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Your New Favorite Benefit

It's an easy sell, clients love it, and commissions are lucrative. There's literally no downside!

Competitive Advantage

Selling health insurance is commoditized, but bring companies something this unique, and get your foot in the door!

Lucrative Commissions

Being a SaaS platform rather than an insurance product, we're able to be very competitive and a top earner for most brokers.

98% Retention Rate

Companies absolutely love Privacy Bee, so you'll be driving recurring commissions for many years to come!

We make it easy to sell Privacy Bee as a benefit

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  • Same-Day Onboarding

    We can get a contract signed, eligible employees configured, and protection started same-day. No red tape, no awkward audits, just a quick sale and commission!

  • Comprehensive Employee Training

    Rather than making employees sit through long, boring webinars, we have a helpful email campaign that teaches them everything they need to know, in small doses!

  • White-Glove Employee Support

    Our employee support team is standing by to answer any and all questions that employees might have about their Privacy Bee benefit. We'll handle all Q&A for you!

  • Built for Companies of Any Size

    From 10 employee small businesses, to 10,000 employee enterprises, Privacy Bee is built to scale and support teams of all sizes.

  • 98% Retention & Renewal Rate

    Companies love Privacy Bee because it's unique and adds real, tangible value that no other benefit can touch. We will make you look like a benefits rockstar!

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