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How to Stop Recommended People Pages

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are constantly tracking you and suggesting people for you to add. So, how do you stop these creepy “recommended” pages on social media? Most of us have been active on the internet for years. Maybe even decades! And while we all enjoy the information, entertainment, and convenience it provides, the […]

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The most important online privacy and security tips to stay safe

Staying safe and keeping your data protected is more important than ever. Follow these online privacy and security tips to make sure your privacy remains private. Are you worried about how much of your personal life and private data is out on the internet, vulnerable to hackers and cybercriminals? You aren’t alone. Online privacy and […]

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What is phishing and how to prevent it

Phishing is a form of social engineering that tricks users into sharing their personal information or logins in order to scam them. Have you ever received an unexpected email that looks to be from your bank asking to verify some personal information, but it looked just a tiny bit off? The email probably asked you […]

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The best secure messaging apps

As communication moves to messaging apps, it’s imperative to know which secure messaging apps incorporate strong features. Messaging apps have become the de facto form of communication for a large chunk of the world. The growth of this field has been exponential and has allowed for a great democratization of communication worldwide. As such, it […]

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What is packet sniffing and how to prevent it

Take preventative steps to prevent packet sniffing, one of the most intrusive techniques used by hackers to steal personal information. The world of hacking is getting more and more complex as the years go by. It is a necessity for hackers as security systems and software updates are continuously blocking their attacks. One of the […]