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Ongoing Monitoring

Data Brokers are continually refreshing their databases, causing previously deleted people to reappear again. To maintain your privacy, this requires ongoing (frustrating) maintenance and repeated removals. Privacy Bee has built a proprietary, complex infrastructure that monitors all major data brokers 24/7/365. Whenever we see your information reappear, our team of removal experts immediately gets to work erasing it again. It's a vicious cycle, but until privacy laws catch-up and make these companies illegal, we will work non-stop to fight for your privacy.

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Data Brokers Are Publicly Exposing Your Sensitive Information

Data Brokers buy and sell information about millions of people, augmenting it with public domain data like property tax records, arrests, marriage licenses, details from social networks and dating sites, or court cases. They build massive datasets of hugely invasive profiles on virtually every adult, usually to sell to marketers. The worst Data Brokers then expose this info online via People Search Sites, driving ad revenue from your personal data. Worst of all, it's creepy and dangerous, but not illegal. Privacy Bee fights back, scrubbing your info from all these companies.

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Invoking Applicable Privacy Legislation

Privacy Bee has a proprietary tiered escalation approach to ensure successful removal, even going as far as invoking applicable privacy legislation to legally compel the companies to remove your data.

Legally Compel Erasure of Your Data

What Data Brokers Know About You

Your personal info is likely exposed publicly, putting you and your family at risk of identity theft, extortion, or worse.

Contact Info

How to reach you is extremely valuable to marketers. They buy your full name, cell number, home address, email, social media handles, and more. They can reach you anywhere! Protect My Contact Info

Financial Data

Marketers likely have your credit score (or credit tier), which charities you donate to, any tax liens, your mortgage lender and payment amount, even your employment info and approximate salary. Protect My Financial Data

Purchase History

Credit card companies are some of the biggest data sources, selling where you shop and how much you spend! Loyalty programs (especially grocery stores) sell if you like Coke or Pepsi, if you buy heartburn medicine, and even the brand of toilet paper you use. Make My Purchases Private

Health Info

There are some health privacy laws like HIPAA, however many Data Brokers have ways around it. They sell lists of smokers, people with high cholesterol, diabetes, those struggling with obesity (looking for weight loss), and other extremely personal data. Protect My Health Data