Step 1

Choose Companies You Can Trust

Draw your privacy battle lines, choosing which companies you trust with your data, and which need to delete anything they have on you. You are in control of your privacy!

Step 2

Your Protective Privacy Shell

We use your Privacy Choices as a blueprint to build an advanced multi-layer defense against threats to your privacy.


We setup 24/7/365 privacy monitoring on your sensitive data, then start ongoing strategies like marketing exclusion, which decrease your telemarketing, spam, and junk mail.

Trusted Companies

We work with tens of thousands of companies to honor your privacy choices, even leveraging applicable privacy legislation to legally force untrusted companies to delete all data they have on you.


We stop the selling of your info by all major Data Brokers and People Search Sites, then clean up anything publicly exposed in search engines.

Step 3

Weave Privacy Into Your Life

Just like going to the gym or eating healthy, protecting your privacy takes ongoing effort. Luckily, Privacy Bee makes that easy! Simply install our browser extension, and as you surf the web we’ll display your current relationship with each company. Then, like pruning your tree of privacy, with one click you can mark your favorite websites as Trusted and set anything sketchy to Negative.

Step 4

Protect Your Privacy Offline

Try this: next time you get your mail, open it by your computer. Set each sender to either Trusted or Negative in your Privacy Bee dashboard, since you’re clearly in their marketing databases. We’ll contact the negative senders and get you removed, resulting in less companies holding your personal data and lowering your risk of identity theft (or worse)!

Step 5

Protect Your Entire Family

Safety in numbers works! The wider you expand your privacy bubble, the fewer points of vulnerability there are in your privacy footprint. For example, hackers might need info on your parents to access your accounts (mother’s maiden name), or scammers could target your loved ones pretending to be you (using your publicly exposed info). All Privacy Bee members have a My Family section where you can extend protection to those you love.

That’s It!

Simple and easy steps to equip yourself with the privacy tools to win.

24/7 Privacy Monitoring

Set Trusted Companies

Ghost Yourself Online

Receive Less Spam

Proactive Data Removal

Simple, Fast and Secure


Privacy Bee does seem like a small price to pay to prevent a massive headache in the future when the next data breach inevitably occurs.