Complete Transparency & Opt-Out Control

Privacy Bee monitors every major industry marketing opt-out and shared unsubscribe list, with details on the last time we submitted you for exclusion. This substantially lessens the number of marketing departments who hold your contact data, de-risking your privacy.

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Respected by thousands of the biggest marketers

In an effort to consolidate consumer privacy preferences, most of the largest marketing organizations respect both government mandated and private-sector shared opt-out lists. Here are a few examples:

  • Direct Marketing Industry Opt-Out
  • Publishers Clearing House Removal
  • Credit Pre-Screen Opt-Out
  • National Yellow Pages Opt-Out
  • Valpak Junk Mail Removal
  • Do Not Call Registry
  • NAI Audience Matching Opt-Out
  • ... plus many more!

The Privacy Bee team maintains and monitors your ongoing exclusion status across all these lists!

Feeling the Effects of Marketing Privacy

De-Risking Privacy

The fewer marketing organizations who hold your personal data, the lower your risk of being in a data breach or being otherwise compromised.

Less Junk Mail

There are strict laws around what physical mail you can receive, so marketers respect these lists. By maintaining your exclusion status, you will see a noticeable decrease in junk mail.

Less Telemarketing & Spam

Telemarketing, text message ads, and even email spammers frequently scrub against these shared opt-out lists. We can't stop all ads you get, but this will decrease the amount.

A Fast Moving Industry, By Design

Marketers don't like deleting your info because they lose the opportunity to make money from you. As such, the shared opt-out landscape is constantly shifting and evolving, making it a full-time job to stay excluded. Privacy Bee is continually monitoring the industry for you, adding and removing lists on a regular basis.

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