Date of birth
Web searches
Phone Numbers

Thousands of corporations are recklessly hoarding data about you.

Damage credit score
Hacking your accounts
Identity theft
Blackmail you
Scam you and your family
Steal your identity
Steal your money
Take out loans
Hijack social media
Impersonate you
Stalk you

It's a ticking time bomb until they get hacked or breached, making you vulnerable.

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How our service helps

Signup with Privacy Bee
Join for just $1.65/week and grant us the legal ability to advocate on your behalf for matters of data privacy.
Declare your privacy preferences
Configure your privacy preferences and fine-tune who can keep your data and who needs to delete it.
We start fighting for your privacy
We kick off a massive, ongoing campaign to purge your data from over 10,000+ organizations.

What our customers are saying...


4.7 out of 5
18 Sep
"I'm completely addicted to Privacy Bee! I felt helpless online before but now I have real control over my digital data. I signed up my entire family and can finally sleep easier."
Colin Grant
27 Sep
"Privacy Bee scrubbed my personal information from a website I used to visit just weeks before they were hacked and sensitive info on their members was sold on the dark web. I dodged a major bullet there!!"
Justin Yost
04 Oct
"My identity was stolen two years ago following a data breach, so constantly seeing more hacks in the news gives me anxiety. Finally I can do something proactively, rather than just waiting around."
Vivian Morar

What are you waiting for?

Every hour without Privacy Bee is another hour you're vulnerable

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