What's the benefit to exercising your data rights?

Safety & Security - most identity security solutions are reactive, meaning they only act after you've already been violated. Privacy Bee is a proactive solution, making you a ghost online so hackers never even get your info in the first place.

  • Identity Theft
    Lower risk of identity theft
  • Telemarketing
    Decrease telemarketer calls
  • Hacked
    Decrease risk of being hacked
  • Spam Email
    Receive fewer spam emails

Why Privacy Bee?

Privacy Bee is the world's leading data privacy protection platform for consumers.

We serve millions of legal requests for data deletion, exercising "Right to be Forgotten" clauses, and continually following up with unresponsive companies.

Our team has built the largest database in the world of companies who comply with the rapidly evolving privacy legislation, and we work around the clock to ensure our customers maximize their protection under those laws.

How Does It Work?

Start Fighting for Your Privacy!

Your personal data & contact info is likely held by thousands of companies, being bought and sold every day for marketing purposes (because of fine print when you clicked "I Agree"), just waiting for a data breach to expose your info to spammers, hackers and identity thieves on the dark web. Entrust Privacy Bee to fight on your behalf and we'll continually force marketers and data brokers to purge your info from their systems!