Personal data is leaking everywhere online

Your Privacy is at Risk

Don’t sit around waiting to get hacked or have your identity stolen. Privacy Bee is a unique, proactive service to derisk your privacy before it’s too late (rather than just cleaning it up later).

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Privacy Bee’s free 24/7 monitoring scans for your personal info in data breaches and leaks across the internet and dark web.



Whenever a breach event occurs, we work with our members to navigate what to do next, and confirm no premium subscribers were compromised where we took preemptive efforts.



Use our browser extension and tell us which companies should and shouldn’t have your data. Declare your privacy preferences!


Get Proactive

We’ll reach out and advocate on your behalf, compelling each configured company to erase any data they have on you, even invoking any applicable privacy legislation (CCPA, GDPR, etc).

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Free Vulnerability Scan

Privacy Bee will scan recent data breaches and evaluate your personal exposure.

  • 100% free data privacy dashboard
  • Check if your sensitive personal info is vulnerable or has been compromised
  • Free 24/7 data breach monitoring
  • Data broker & people search removal

What our customers are saying...


4.7 out of 5

18 Sep

"I'm completely addicted to Privacy Bee! I felt helpless online before but now I have real control over my digital data. I signed up my entire family and can finally sleep easier."

Ivy J

Privacy Bee Pro Subscriber
27 Sep

"Privacy Bee scrubbed my personal information from a website I used to visit just weeks before they were hacked and sensitive info on their members was sold on the dark web. I dodged a major bullet there!!"

Debra B

Privacy Bee Pro Subscriber
04 Oct

"My identity was stolen two years ago following a data breach, so constantly seeing more hacks in the news gives me anxiety. Finally I can do something proactively, rather than just waiting around!"

Annie T

Privacy Bee Pro Subscriber

What’s the risk if my data gets exposed?

Identity Theft

Each year 7-10% of Americans fall victim to identity theft. In 2019 alone, 14.4 million people had their identity stolen - that's almost 2,000 people per hour. Overall, 33% of people have experienced identity theft, and the majority occurred from a data breach or hacker leaking personal data onto the dark web. Getting your identity stolen costs the average person $1,343 and 7-200 hours of time. Ouch!

Most services just focus on the clean-up, only helping after you get violated. Privacy Bee is uniquely positioned to proactively minimize your risk, trying to avoid your data being leaked at all!

Hackers & Scammers

Whenever sensitive data is leaked online, hackers are waiting to attack. They'll try to get into your bank account, PayPal account, investment accounts, or anything else to steal your money. They'll try to access your email for "Reset Password" requests at sensitive websites, and sometimes scan your email for anything they can use to blackmail you or your family. There are no morals and no limits to how far bad actors will go to make a buck.

Unfortunately most insurance doesn't cover this (as it's not a stolen identity), and police usually hit digital dead-ends. So how do you protect yourself? Privacy Bee is the only service to minimize your risk by trying to prevent your data from leaking in the first place.

Telemarketers & Spammers

Everywhere you turn there are ads. Telemarketers calling your phone morning to night, text message spam, email inbox clogged with offers, your home overflowing with junk mail. How did all these marketers get your contact info? Usually it's through a shadowy network of organizations called Data Brokers. Marketers can buy massive lists of people to spam, then if they get hacked or have a data breach, your personal info gets leaked onto the dark web, making you vulnerable to identity theft or worse. And this could happen to you from a company you've never heard of before (you were just in their marketing database). Privacy Bee erases you from both the Data Broker, and anyone they've sold to.

Protect Yourself

“We believe that everyone deserves their privacy, especially online. Privacy shouldn’t be contested, bartered nor political; it’s a basic human right.”

Venture Beat about Privacy Bee

Thousands of corporations are recklessly hoarding data about you.

It's a ticking time bomb until they get hacked or breached, making you vulnerable.

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Junk Mail
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Identity Theft
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