Data privacy is an innate human right. This is the fundamental belief that led us to start this company in the first place. Protecting your privacy and personal data is the North Star that guides us every day.

Companies have been playing fast and loose with our data for too long. We’re building tools that give you more control over who has your data and what they do with it.

Our Privacy Manifesto:

  1. Privacy is personal. It’s not cookie-cutter or the same for everyone. That’s why consumers deserve granular controls around their data and privacy.
  2. Personal privacy technology should be the norm not the exception.
  3. The privacy power balance must be shifted from companies to consumers; for too long, the dynamic has been twisted in favor of faceless corporations rather than individuals.
  4. We believe sharing of information and data should be transparent and benefit the user primarily.
  5. We believe data protection for the common good is possible through responsible privacy technology.
  6. We support privacy legislation that empowers citizens to access their personal information, to delete their personal information and to prohibit the sale of personal data without consent.
  7. We believe individuals must be empowered to secure and exercise those data rights using tools based upon universal standards.
  8. We support national privacy laws. Laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation are positive first steps; While these laws aren't perfect, they provide a great foundation to build a society that does more to protect personal privacy rights.
  9. People should be confident that the data they provide is not being used for reasons outside of those that are necessary for the services they are receiving in exchange.
  10. Data privacy policies and the actions required to agree to them should be clear, concise and lack legalese.
  11. We believe in limited data in that information should be deleted when it is no longer necessary for a company.
  12. Private data should always be encrypted when stored and should not be kept longer than necessary to deliver the service.
  13. Data should have an expiration date. We should be able to choose how long a company can keep our data on their servers -- and have certainty that they're following our wishes.
  14. We imagine a future where individuals have complete control of their data and privacy without any looming fear of technical lapses either by private companies or government entities.

One final note: Protecting your privacy is our commitment. We will never sell your personal data. While we use certain tools to improve our services, such as analytics and digital marketing, we will never abuse your trust.

Of course, we‘re not perfect. The unfortunate truth is that scaling a business in today's world requires compromises and tradeoffs. With a few corporations in charge of most consumer attention, there are only so many paths to growing a business. It sucks. But we put protecting privacy and personal data first; it’s at the core of every decision we make.

Feedback? Thoughts on where we can improve? Awesome. Email us at

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