Getting your identity stolen costs the average person $1,343 and 7-200 hours of time.

The Privacy Bee service costs about $1.56 per week (annual plan), meaning you could be a paying member for over 15+ years and if our service protects you from a single breach, you'll come out way ahead.
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How to delete your LinkedIn Account

Follow our guide on how to delete your LinkedIn account permanently in order to clean up your personal data from the internet. LinkedIn has grown into a one-stop-shop for job hunters, resume builders and employers who are looking for the perfect candidates. If you are over the job hunt or are simply looking to delete […]
Mar 2, 2021

Tweet tweet: This is how to delete your Twitter account

Follow these steps to delete your Twitter account permanently — and start to regain some extra free time. Next step: delete yourself from social media altogether? There are plenty of reasons you may be seeking to learn how to delete your Twitter account. It could be that you are trying to clear up years of […]
Feb 25, 2021

Remove yourself from the internet with these 5 tools

These 5 privacy tools help you remove your personal information from the internet. It’s a process but can be a worthwhile way to prevent identity theft. It’s not so easy to remove yourself from the internet! Our world is filled with data and that makes it quite challenging to find and delete personal information. But […]
Feb 17, 2021