Do you trust the website you're visiting?

As you browse the internet, the Privacy Bee extension will show status icons representing your current relationship configuration for the website you're actively visiting. If it's unset or looks wrong, one click will allow you to adjust your privacy preferences with that company. Do you trust them to hold your personal info, or should they delete everything they have on you?

The world isn't black & white

Whenever you visit a company that's complicated, where they shouldn't be granted carte blanche but they're not malicious either, you can declare "Custom" privacy choices". Configure granular preferences of specifically what they are (and are not) permitted to do with your personal data.

Benefits of the Privacy Bee Browser Extension

A small but powerful upgrade for your internet browsing, giving you continuous control of your data privacy, wherever you go.

Trusted Companies

Build & maintain a fresh list of your Trusted Companies: those you permit to hold your sensitive data, such as services you use and e-commerce stores you love.

Ongoing Control

As you browse the internet, a quick glance at the extension's status icon will show your current privacy choices for that site.

Easy Adjustments

If you want to update the privacy preferences for the site you're visiting, this extension allows you to do so with one click.

Privacy-Conscious Internet Browsing

Your privacy is too important to leave to chance. Maintain your Trusted Companies while on the go!

#1 Browser Extension for Data Privacy

Privacy Bee works best when woven into your routine.

Most people visit hundreds of different companies every day through their internet browsing. Take Privacy Bee with you, maintaining your Trusted Companies list as you pay bills online, shop at your favorite stores, read the news, and more. One click access to distribute your trust, restrict access, and take control of your own privacy.