Real-Time Privacy Threat Monitoring

Our proprietary monitoring platform is continuously scanning for any public exposures or threats to your personal privacy. Early detection is critical in privacy hardening.

Data Breach: PROTECTED
Extortion Attempt: PREVENTED
Selling Your Data: BLOCKED
Public Exposure: ERASED
Extortion Attempt: BLOCKED
Identity Theft Risk: DECREASED
Scam Attempt: PREVENTED

Proper Real-time Threat Monitoring

Every two seconds someone's identity is stolen, usually as a result of the 36 billion records per year leaked by data breaches. There's a constant assault on our privacy and security, so we believe proper real-time threat monitoring is the first step in fighting back.

Activate Your Monitoring

Privacy Risk Score

Unique to each person, this score is the result of crunching the numbers around all active privacy threats, exposed vulnerabilities, and proactive measures you've taken.

Recent Data Breaches

Understanding your previous privacy exposures will help guide the strategy for hardening your privacy moving forward. Feel free to discuss at length with your Privacy Concierge!

Draw Your Battle Lines

Once your monitoring is in place, configure which companies you trust to hold your data, and which should delete everything they have on you. It's your privacy, set your preferences in one centralized place!