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Here’s how to remove your name from Internet search engines

Follow these tips on how to remove your name from Internet search engines. This shields more of your personal information from circulating only — and reduces your risk of identity theft. Search engines are powerful, widely accessible and free — and have made it possible to find nearly any sort of information that you are […]
Jan 13, 2021

How do you remove your name from Google searches?

If you’ve ever wondered how to remove your name from Google searches, you’re not alone. You can’t remove everything but you can try. Here’s how. You can’t completely remove your name from Google searches but you can take steps to reduce the number of times it shows up in search results. Here’s what you need […]
Jan 5, 2021

Follow these 10 privacy advocates on Twitter right now

There are many interesting and admirable privacy advocates on Twitter — too many to list here! Here are 10 to follow right now. Data privacy continues to dominate mainstream news, with privacy advocates worldwide stepping up their efforts to rebalance data privacy in favor of consumers over corporations. From the constant barrage of the latest […]
Dec 21, 2020