The latest data breaches: A tracker to see if you’ve been hacked

Has there been a data breach today? Look at the latest data breaches to find out…

…because the answer is likely yes! The United States is the world’s most breached country, with billions of records exposed each year — or about 19 records per person annually!

To keep track of the latest data breaches, we built a tracker. Our recent data breaches list will keep you informed about the latest hacks affecting users in the United States.

We’ll keep updating this page. so bookmark it in your browser to stay on top of recent data breaches!

Think you’ve been hacked?

While a single data breach can seem innocuous, it’s the combination of many data breaches that can lead to identity theft. If you think you’ve been involved in a recent data breach, check out these resources to protect yourself:

The 5 most common types of data breaches

Start Fighting for Your Privacy!

Your personal data & contact info is likely held by thousands of companies, being bought and sold every day for marketing purposes (because of fine print when you clicked "I Agree"), just waiting for a data breach to expose your info to spammers, hackers and identity thieves on the dark web. Entrust Privacy Bee to fight on your behalf and we'll continually force marketers and data brokers to purge your info from their systems!


New law let's you protect your digital privacy!