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Today thousands of corporations are recklessly hoarding your sensitive data. Draw your battle lines, declaring which companies are trusted, and which companies should immediately delete any data they have on you (legally compelled under privacy law, where applicable).

And for when the world isn't black-and-white, Privacy Bee allows you to set "Custom" privacy choices for any company.

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Activate Real-Time Privacy Monitoring

Privacy Bee members receive complimentary 24/7/365 monitoring for data breaches, company hacks, and privacy violations that may contain your personal information.

What have you done to prevent your identity from getting stolen? Monitoring services help with the clean-up, but Privacy Bee is the world's only service to de-risk your data privacy and proactively combat identity theft. Don't just sit around waiting to get exploited- go on the offensive!

Consumer Total Privacy Management System

Privacy Bee is your data protection co-pilot. Our unique blend of automation and manual effort works around the clock to decrease your risk of being in data breaches or having your identity stolen. We are consumer privacy.

Centralized Control of Your Privacy

Privacy Bee is the only service in the world to give you true 360° protection of your data privacy, decreasing your risk of being in the next major data breach, and empowering you to control privacy preferences across over 117,000+ organizations.

Setup your Trusted Companies within the Privacy Bee platform and our team will fight to ensure your wishes are respected, even invoking any applicable privacy legislation to legally compel companies to comply (GDPR, CCPA, etc).

Protect Yourself

Protecting Your Personal Data Privacy

Privacy Bee is the only service in the world to proactively de-risk your personal data privacy before it's too late. We do this through a proprietary blend of various privacy protection efforts and techniques, with more being added every month. Privacy Bee is continually working to protect your privacy and safety.

Trusted Companies

Control your privacy preferences across over 117,000+ companies, declaring which are trusted to hold your data, and which need to delete anything they have on you.

Real-Time Privacy Alerts

You can't mitigate privacy risks that you don't see. All our accounts include extensive 24/7 monitoring, alerting us to any data exploitation or vulnerabilities you may have. Learn More

Data Broker Removal

There is an entire industry of marketers buying and selling sensitive consumer information, which is also highly valuable for criminals. Privacy Bee stops your info from being sold. Learn More

Marketing Exclusion Lists

The fewer companies that hold your info, the lower the risk of a data breach exposing it. By excluding you from major marketing lists, you will receive less spam and de-risk your privacy. Learn More

Privacy Browser Extension

Maintain your Trusted Company list and privacy protection bubble as you browse the internet, with one-click privacy choices and clear status icons. Learn More

Your Privacy Concierge

Some privacy issues are unique and personal. Speak with one of our privacy experts one-on-one for a personalized consultation and unlimited advice.

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Control Your Privacy Preferences Across 117,000+ Companies

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