Privacy 101 🧠

How Can You Protect Your Family on the Internet?

Nowadays, it seems more and more difficult to control the flow of your data on the web. Data brokers and hackers are hungry for your personal information. And unfortunately, they’re lurking around every digital corner. So, what can you do to protect yourself and your family while on the internet?

We all value our personal privacy. We make sure that our locations, relationships, and conversations are only known by those we trust. We stay wary of strangers and we keep our sensitive information away from prying eyes. Or at least, we do that in the non-digital world. On the internet however, most of us do a very poor job of maintaining our privacy. We sign-up for subscription services, download dozens of apps, and create countless accounts. And each and every one of those actions make it harder to stay safe on the web.

Every time you make a purchase or create an account online, you’re required to provide various pieces of personal information. Your full name, email address, and phone number are the most common examples, and are already dangerous by themselves. But the vast majority of us have also shared our Social Security numbers, financial histories, and even medical information in some capacity.

And what does all this amount to? A serious threat to both your privacy and your safety! And it’s not just you who’s at risk. Unfortunately, your level of privacy directly affects that of your family. And vice versa! After all, you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Strength in Numbers

Just like in the real world, it’s vital to look out for your loved ones as they explore virtually. For their sake, and your own. Because chances are, if someone looks up your relatives in a search engine, they’ll stumble upon your personal information as well. And that holds true for when someone looks you up as well. If your sensitive information is floating around the internet unprotected, you’re putting the privacy of your family at risk.

This is especially true for shared data points such as physical addresses and home phone numbers. And even if it’s information specific to you, it can still be dangerous to those you know. All it takes is a bit of personal info for a hacker to entrap one of your relatives in a phishing scheme.

That’s why it’s so important to protect yourself and your family on the internet. Without proper safety measures, you could open yourself up to countless hackers and scammers. So, what are the proper precautions? And how do you take them?

Privacy Bee is the Solution

When it comes to protecting yourself and your family on the internet, the most important thing you can do is be proactive. And with the services of Privacy Bee, you can do exactly that! Privacy Bee offers comprehensive data privacy protection so that you can fully customize your privacy preferences on the web. Rather than recklessly allowing your personal information to be available to the public, pick and choose which sites you trust with Privacy Bee’s Consumer Dashboard.

And when it comes to protecting your family on the web, the best thing you can do is form a protective bubble! By protecting everyone in your family, you can mend the holes in your online armor. As we learned earlier, if those close to you are unprotected, your privacy is at risk as well. But if you use Privacy Bee’s centralized management platform you can add family members to your plan! This ensures that their data will be protected as well, meaning that their personal information will be safe from the dangers of the internet.

Privacy Bee makes it easy for you to control the flow of your data as you browse the internet. And there’s very little effort required on your part! Simply customize your privacy preferences using Privacy Bee’s various features and you’ll be well on your way to a more secure online experience.

We all care about staying safe. And keeping your data privacy in check is an important part of staying safe on the web. Unfortunately, both the personal information of you and your family are at risk if you don’t take the proper precautions to combat the peeping toms of the internet. Thankfully, you can start protecting the safety and privacy of your family today for free with Privacy Bee!