Checklist: How to protect your family privacy when adding new devices at home

You’re buying all of these smart devices for yourself and your kids. But is your family’s privacy protected and your data safe from hackers? Here’s how to protect your family privacy when connecting new devices to your home network.  One of the defining features of the holiday season is shiny new technology. But the onus […]

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Safe holiday shopping tips: How to keep your data secure online

Shopping online is very convenient but also very risky. Use these tips to keep your data secure online, no matter where you shop. With COVID still raging in the United States, shoppers are understandably getting more of their shopping done online this year compared to pre-COVID holiday seasons. Unfortunately, more online shopping means more exposure […]

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How to delete yourself from the internet in 10 steps

Wondering how to delete yourself from the internet? You’re not alone. But it is quite difficult to reduce the amount of personal information that’s floating around the web. Think about it: How much personal information have you shared online, much of which you’ve forgotten? You probably have unknowingly shared sensitive information on your social media, […]

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Here’s how to create a strong password (Hint: avoid the obvious)

Difficult, hard-to-guess passwords are the most effective way to protect your online privacy. Here’s how to create a strong password that’s not catnip to hackers. Yet, many among us have no idea how to create a strong password. We look around and come up with good passwords that aren’t great…they’re actually easy to guess and […]

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How to protect yourself against reward program data breaches

Cybercrime is a rising concern – and reward program data breaches are no exception! One of the most popular ways of expanding online business and getting more customers is through “reward” or “loyalty” programs. Nearly all companies with a decent number of customers try to introduce some sort of rewards program to increase customer loyalty […]

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Start Fighting for Your Privacy!

Your personal data & contact info is likely held by thousands of companies, being bought and sold every day for marketing purposes (because of fine print when you clicked "I Agree"), just waiting for a data breach to expose your info to spammers, hackers and identity thieves on the dark web. Entrust Privacy Bee to fight on your behalf and we'll continually force marketers and data brokers to purge your info from their systems!


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