What is device fingerprinting and how do I prevent it?

Device fingerprinting is when marketers use your device’s unique fingerprint to track you around the internet. But what exactly IS device fingerprinting? Here’s what you need to know. Similar to your Social Security number, your smartphone has a unique fingerprint that sticks with your device and thus can be used to track your movements across […]

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What are data brokers?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, or anyone, the question, “what are data brokers,” then congratulations, dear friend. You have taken the most basic step you’ll need to protect your privacy on the internet and to protect yourself in the physical world. How? Well, you’ve chosen to educate yourself. The relatively unrestrictive privacy laws in the […]

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Start Fighting for Your Privacy!

Your personal data & contact info is likely held by thousands of companies, being bought and sold every day for marketing purposes (because of fine print when you clicked "I Agree"), just waiting for a data breach to expose your info to spammers, hackers and identity thieves on the dark web. Entrust Privacy Bee to fight on your behalf and we'll continually force marketers and data brokers to purge your info from their systems!


New law let's you protect your digital privacy!