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What are people search sites? How do I remove myself?

What exactly are people search sites? And how can you keep you and your loved ones’ information off of them?

The internet is one of the most helpful and relevant tools in the modern world. In fact, for many of us, it’s vital to our current lives. But like most tools, the internet can be risky to use. Especially if you’re using it without proper protection or training.

By now most of us know how dangerous it is to have our information easily available on the web. From unknown companies and individuals to hackers and identity thieves, there are a litany of bad actors who seek to obtain your information for their own gain. And unfortunately, there’s a massive industry that’s sole purpose is to gather your info and sell it to the bad guys. That industry is known as the world of data collection, and the data brokers which rule that world are after the personal information of you and your loved ones.

Perhaps the most infamous data brokers are known as People Search Sites. You’ve probably heard this term tossed around before. Or maybe you’ve stumbled upon one while looking up someone’s name online. But what exactly are People Search Sites? Why are they dangerous? And most importantly, how can you keep you and your loved ones’ information off of them?

What are People Search Sites?

Have you ever looked up the name of a date before meeting them? Or maybe you’re an employer that’s searched the name of a potential employee. Regardless of your reason, most of us have looked up someone online and found a treasure trove full of information. And sure, that may have been great for you at the time, but think about the flip side of that coin.

Just like your potential suitor or new staff member, you too have loads of information readily available on the web. That’s right, sensitive personal information like your full name, date of birth, email address, phone number can be found with very little effort. And that’s not all. If they swim the proper channels, those searching for you can find out your Social Security number, medical information, and even where you live! But how do they do this? Where are they getting this information from?

What are People Search Sites used for?

That’s where People Search Sites come in. People Search Sites often operate as free search engines to find people’s social media and public records. They compile your information from a variety of public sources and use it to create a profile. They then sell these profiles to companies and individuals interested in knowing more about you.

Sounds pretty invasive and unsettling right? Well that’s just the tip of the iceberg! These sites, which there are countless of, gather information on anyone and everyone. That means that they not only have your sensitive info, they also have that of your family, friends, and coworkers. And that’s where it gets really scary.

Even if you accomplish the tedious task of scrubbing your data from each and every People Search Site, your loved ones are still at risk of exposing information such as your address and contact information. It’s a vicious and intrusive cycle that most people aren’t even aware of. So how do you break it? Thankfully, there’s an easy and effective way for you to protect not only yourself, but your entire family. This service, provided by Privacy Bee, makes removing yourself from People Search Sites a breeze. And it can do the same for your entire family!

Remove Yourself From People Search Sites

So, now that you know what People Search Sites are, you might be wondering, what exactly can I do to stop them? While it is possible to remove yourself from People Search Sites entirely, it can be a tedious and time consuming process. The most cost and time effective way of keeping you and your loved ones’ information safe is to employ the services of a site like Privacy Bee. With your permission, Privacy Bee can opt-out of data brokers’ databases for you! Meaning you can sit back and relax, knowing that Privacy Bee’s data broker removal feature is keeping your data out of the clutches of internet bad guys!

And that’s far from the only way that Privacy Bee can help keep your data safe. Their team of removal experts can file opt-out requests on your behalf, obligating companies to delete your data from their databases. That means those pesky data People Search Sites will no longer have access to your name, phone number, address, Social Security number, or medical information. On top of that, Privacy Bee also provides a litany of other services which help keep your data safe and your mind at ease.

So, now we not only know what People Search Sites are, we know the best way to stop them in their tracks. We all enjoy the vast benefits that the internet provides, but it’s important to remember that there are many dangers that accompany surfing the web. And if we enjoy those benefits without anyone looking out for us, our personal information can be put at risk. But not to worry, Privacy Bee can be your most powerful ally in the fight for data privacy!

Taking back control of your data can greatly improve your level of privacy and your online experience as a whole. And remember, extending protection to your family is equally important! Without a protective bubble, your information can still fall through the cracks and end up in the wrong hands. Check out Privacy Bee today to bolster your online defenses and keep your data in your hands!