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How to remove yourself from spam marketing lists

In recent years, shopping has become one of the most popular activities on the internet. But that trend has also made our inboxes appealing targets for marketing campaigns. So, how do you remove yourself from marketing lists and you take back control of your inbox?

Electronic commerce, better known as e-commerce or online shopping, has exploded in popularity over the past several years. Sites like Amazon, Alibaba, Etsy, and eBay have not only pulled in billions of dollars in revenue, they’ve also established themselves as the favorite sites of many internet users. And it’s not just the e-commerce giants that have large internet followings. Nearly every retailer and service provider now has some form of online presence.

In fact, since 2014, the percentage of total retail sales made up by e-commerce has nearly tripled! At its surface, this is great for online shoppers. It means that companies will begin to offer more products online and presumably improve their websites and shipping processes to adjust to the growing popularity of e-commerce. This means that you can order the things you want from the comfort of your own home, all without having to sacrifice much in the way of time or money.

Unfortunately, that also means that companies have begun to focus their marketing campaigns on our email inboxes. If you have an email (which virtually all of us do) you’ve almost certainly received marketing emails from companies. And even if it’s from one of your favorite retail sites, it can still be irritating. None of us want our inboxes flooded with promotional messages! After all, it can be difficult to keep your email uncluttered as it is.

What are Marketing Lists?

Have you ever ordered something from a site and then noticed you’re suddenly receiving emails from them? Perhaps multiple times a week? That’s because you’ve likely been added to their email marketing list. A marketing list is made up of potential customers that a business will reach out to in the hopes of increasing brand awareness and driving sales. And an email marketing list is the easiest way for companies to directly contact consumers in bulk . If you’ve ever made a purchase from an online retailer, you’re well aware of how irritating these lists can be.

But how do these retailers have access to my email? And why are they emailing me if I never agreed to receive messages from them? Well unfortunately, nearly every online retailer now requires you to sign up with your email address (and sometimes phone number) in order to complete a purchase. That’s right, even if you choose to check-out as a guest, most sites still require your email. And while it can be reassuring to have an email confirmation for your order, it’s far less enjoyable to be inundated with emails about a site’s latest sale or newest product. Most online retailers include an option to opt-in or out of their marketing emails when you sign up or check out on their site. Many sites, however, check that option by default and so if you’re not paying close attention, you’ll soon be seeing unwanted promos in your inbox!

Major Industry Mailing Lists

And even if you’ve never visited a site or purchased something from a company, they can still find their way into your inbox. Your email is not only under attack from the retailers and service providers which you use, it also faces the threat of major industry marketing lists. These include lists like the Publishers Clearing House, Valpak Junk Mail, Credit Pre-Screen, RetailMeNot, and many more. These groups constantly send both emails and snail mail to consumers, clogging your virtual and physical mailboxes.

How to Remove Yourself Marketing Lists

Well, unfortunately, you can’t stop online marketing entirely. If you use the internet, companies will always find a way to advertise their products and services to you. But thankfully, there’s still a way for you to greatly decrease the amount of emails, spam calls, and junk mail that you receive! And in turn, greatly reduce your digital footprint.

That way is Privacy Bee. Privacy Bee is a data privacy service which can help you plug the holes in your online armor. When it comes to stopping unwanted contact from marketers, they make it easy by doing the work for you. Privacy Bee maintains an index of all major marketing shared opt-out lists, and through your Industry Opt-Out Settings you can choose which ones you want to be removed from!

They then reach out to those lists and continuously monitor them to ensure that the marketers stop contacting you. With just a few clicks, you’re well on your way to a smaller data footprint and improved data privacy. And soon, you’ll be able to customize your email preferences for each and every site which contacts you! Privacy Bee’s upcoming Inbox Protection Feature will give you even greater control over your data and your inbox.

It’s unfortunately impossible to completely avoid marketing ploys while you browse the web. But thankfully, Privacy Bee makes it easy to cut down on the unwanted emails, spam calls, and junk mail. This is just one step in improving your level of privacy while on the internet, and Privacy Bee’s various features can make sure you’re doing everything possible to keep yourself and your family safe online. For a safer and more enjoyable online experience, check out Privacy Bee’s 100% free privacy evaluation today!