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Signs your streaming accounts have been hacked

The next time you take a break from a binge of The Crown on Netflix, take a moment to check for these signs your streaming accounts were hacked.

Gone are the days of downloading content. There’s no longer a need to wait an hour for the latest movie to finish downloading or the newest album. Whether it’s Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, or Spotify, it’s essential to be sure to protect your account from hackers. Check for these signs that your streaming accounts may have been hacked.

Many people share logins to these services with family and friends to split a membership and save money. This is a great way to save a bit of money, as long as you trust those people not to continue passing your info along to their other friends …

The more likely cause of login theft is phishing or malware campaigns.

The danger in all of this is that the hackers could sell your login information on the dark web, upgrade your accounts without you knowing or last but not least, delete your lists of favorites or shows you want to watch next.

So what are the red flags that someone has accessed your streaming service accounts?

Unusual log-in activity on your account 

The best way to see if someone has been using your account is to check if there has been any unusual login activity. 

Netflix, and most other streaming services, have an option to check for the most recent logins to the account. This page will show you a list of devices logged into your account, specifically the type of devices used.

If you notice a login for an iPhone and only use Android, this is a major red flag. Take some time to consider if you have given your account info to a friend who has that device, and if not, change your password immediately. 

For Netflix users, you can log in to the My Activity page to check this.

Weird show suggestions? Check it out.

Another tell-tale sign that someone may be using your account is the type of shows that are showing up in your suggested content or “watch again” section.

If you have never watched anything about architecture or houses and suddenly your suggested content is full of House Hunters International and Grand Designs, this is a warning sign.

Check with whoever else may have access to the account first, but if you manage it yourself, it’s time to change the password immediately. 

Your monthly charge increased

You probably don’t check your account status regularly to see what type of account you are using, but you do most likely check your bank account regularly.

Check your bank account for any increase in your monthly payment to your streaming services. While the services occasionally increase the price, it is usually by a dollar or two at most. If you see a significant increase, it is likely someone has access to your account and upgrades your service.

This can be especially dangerous if the hacker has access to a service that allows them to make purchases for video on demand, such as Amazon or premium content.

What to do if your streaming account is hacked

If you happen to catch any of the above signs that your streaming service account has been hacked, the first thing to do is to change your password. Ensure your new password is strong and is not a password that you use for other accounts, as hackers may have also breached those accounts. Follow these steps on how to create a strong password if you have any questions.

In the future, be extra alert of any phishing scams by ensuring any email from the services you subscribe to is verified. Often, hackers will attempt to get you to enter your login information or bank account information via phishing emails. Check the URL of any page that asks you to enter your information and ensure it matches the service’s exact URL.

Follow these steps on how to avoid phishing scams in the future and if you are truly trying to clean up your digital footprint, how to delete yourself from the internet in 10 steps.