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Here’s Why You Should Delete Your Facebook Account

You’ve probably seen the news about yet another Facebook whistleblower. But why is it important? And should you delete your Facebook account?

The recent news about Facebook’s reckless data practices has the public up in arms. But many of us have known about Facebook’s negligence for years. So for us, the Frances Haugen testimony isn’t very shocking at all. For the past several years, it’s become apparent that Facebook (and most other companies) behaves recklessly with your data. And unfortunately, that means that your personal information is at risk of being exposed. There’s been a lot of talk about the whistleblower and what it means for the future of Facebook. But, let’s focus on what’s really important: keeping you and your family safe while you browse the web.

So, let’s discuss what you really need to know about the Facebook whistleblower. And why it proves that you should delete your Facebook account sooner rather than later.

The Facebook Whistleblower

After leaking internal Facebook documents, testifying in front of Congress, and appearing on television, data engineer Frances Haugen has become the latest former Facebook employee to expose the tech giant’s shady data practices. She joins Sophie Zhang, who previously exposed Facebook’s extensive misinformation campaigns, in a growing list of employees fighting back against Facebook’s malpractice.

Both Zhang and Haugen have highlighted Facebook’s nefarious practices. These include the spread of disinformation, exposing children to harmful content, and allowing the spread of hate speech. Haugen is also quoted as saying, “Facebook puts profit over people”. Which is the exact problem at hand when discussing how they handle your data. Much like their treatment of misinformation and harmful content, Facebook behaves very carelessly with your data.

Facebook Mishandles Your Data

We know that Facebook has been reckless with our personal information. They constantly track your activity on their app and they’re perhaps the worst offender of cross-site trackers. Basically, having an active Facebook account means your data, and in turn your personal information, is in constant jeopardy. By allowing your data to be exposed on the web, you’re opening yourself up to various privacy threats.

Presumably, the Facebook whistleblowers have stepped into the limelight in the hopes of changing how Facebook handles consumer data. And while this hopefully will lead to change down the road, consumer data privacy in America is shaky at best. Without a national data protection law, your personal information and privacy are in constant jeopardy. 

The Best Way to Protect Your Data

The most obvious way to prevent Facebook from exposing your data, is to simply delete your account. But if you don’t want to delete your Facebook account entirely, there are still ways to prevent Facebook from tracking your activity as much as they’d like. On top of that, there’s an easy and effective way to protect yourself and your family everywhere on the web.

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