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How Do I Stop Cyber Stalkers From Getting my Info?

Cyber stalking is a very real threat to the safety and privacy of your family. But what exactly is cyber stalking and what can you do to protect against it?

Stalking has always been a threat. Unfortunately, there are plenty of dangerous people with malicious intentions. And sadly, the internet has made the issue of stalking even worse. Online or cyber stalking has made it far easier for stalkers to get their hands on the information of victims. Stalkers no longer have to show up to your home or place of work to invade your privacy. With the aid of the internet, they can now harass you and your loved ones from their phone or computer. 

So, what tools are there for you to fight back against online creeps? Thankfully, there’s a service out there that makes it far easier for you to stay safe and private on the web. But first, let’s define what cyber stalking is, and then we’ll explore how to protect against it.

Cyber Stalking

Let’s start off by defining stalking and cyber stalking. Stalking can be defined as any behavior which makes another person fear for their safety or causes them emotional distress. As you might guess, cyber stalking is when that type of behavior occurs in a virtual sense. Cyber stalking encompasses a wide range of abusive online behaviors, but some of the more common types are:

  • Repeatedly contacting someone (through text, email, messaging, etc.) in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe
  • Harassing someone via social media platforms, forums, or online gaming networks
  • Impersonating someone else online or attempting to hack into their account(s)
  • Tracking someone’s internet usage
  • Spreading rumors or photos online without someone’s consent

These are just a view of the threatening and invasive behaviors that cyber stalkers are known for. And cyber stalking can escalate to even more dangerous forms of harassment, identity theft, and financial damages. So, how can you fight back against cyber stalkers? How do you put up a protective, digital shield around yourself and your loved ones?

Stop Cyber Stalking

One of the reasons that cyber stalking is so dangerous is because it’s incredibly easy. Your online data contains a ton of sensitive personal information. And with a little online research, a cyber stalker can easily access your data. Just think of all the information that you can find on a person with a simple Google search. Everything from your full name, phone number, and email address to your Social Security number, medical background, and financial information can be found online. And if cyber stalkers have access to such sensitive information, it’s easy for them to harass and intimidate you and your loved ones.

Getting their hands on your personal info is the first step cyber stalkers take in making your life more difficult. So, the easiest way to stop cyber stalking in its tracks is to shut off the bad guys’ access to your data. And what’s the easiest way for you to secure your data? By employing a data protection solution. Here’s the best data protection service out there.

Privacy Bee Data Protection

The number one data protection service for consumers is Privacy Bee.  Privacy Bee makes it easy for you to secure your data and in turn, more difficult for cyber stalkers to access it. They do this by scrubbing your data from many of the places which cyber stalkers search. They can help you remove your information from data brokers. This makes it much less simple for cyber stalkers to get ahold of your more sensitive information. With a fully customizable Consumer Dashboard, they also allow you to choose which companies can hold your data. This makes it easy for you to limit the places on the web which can display your info.

An important thing to note is that digital protection is an ongoing process. There are many different methods that stalkers and hackers can take to gain access to your data, and you’ll need to stay vigilant if you want to keep you personal info out of harm’s way. Taking data protective measures is just the first step in staying safe on the web.

By securing your data, you make it more difficult for cyber stalkers and other internet bad guys to get ahold of your personal information. And with a variety of powerful features, Privacy Bee is the best way for you to secure your data. These features include data broker removal, 24/7 vulnerability monitoring, and an extended protection plan to help keep your entire family safe. They also offer a free browser extension that lets you control your privacy preferences on each site you visit.

All of these features make Privacy Bee a valuable tool in your quest to remain safe and private on the web. With their help, you make it far tougher for cyber stalkers to learn about you and your loved ones. And here’s the best part, you can give Privacy Bee a try for free today! Get started with a 100% free privacy evaluation.