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Here are the most common types of cyber crime

Cyber crime is unfortunately on the rise. Let’s learn about the most common types of cyber crime and how to stop them.

So many different parts of our lives now exist on the internet. And in an increasingly digital age, it’s more important than ever to stay protected while online. Unfortunately, staying safe on the internet isn’t always easy. Cyber crime has continually risen as the internet has grown in popularity. And with the internet being more important than ever in the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, cyber crime is an even larger issue.

We all do our best to stay safe. We take care of our bodies, minds, and families. So shouldn’t we do the same while we’re online? Let’s take the first step in better online safety by learning about the different types of cyber crime. Then we’ll learn the best way to prevent cyber crime and stay safe on the web.

What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber crime can be defined as when an individual or organization uses a computer network for illegal means such as fraud, identity theft, or extortion. While that basic definition is useful, it fails to truly cover the full range of illegal activities that can occur online. Cyber criminals can range from amateur hackers to much more sophisticated and experienced entities with nefarious intentions.

We do so much on the web. And in turn, there are many different forms of cyber crime. Here are a few of the most common types:

Common Types of Cyber Crime

  • Identity Theft and Fraud: Occurs when hackers use the personal information of victims to impersonate them. They do this in order to financially exploit the victim and their family.
  • Debit and Credit Card Fraud: A very common form of identity theft which occurs when hackers use the financial information of victims to purchase items or steal money. Nearly 400,000 instances of credit card fraud were reported in the United States alone in 2020.
  • Cyber Extortion:  Occurs when hackers obtain data illegally and demand money from the owner of said data. The most well known form of cyber extortion is data breaches. You can learn more about data breaches here.
  • Theft of Corporate Data: Much like cyber extortion, this often occurs after data breaches. Hackers can obtain the personal information of consumers by hacking into corporations and raiding their databases. This is a massive concern for online consumers.

Having a better understanding of the types of cyber crime makes it somewhat easier for you to avoid them. But the most effective way of combating cyber crime and staying safe on the web is through a data protection service. Let’s learn about the top data protection service on the market, Privacy Bee.

Privacy Bee Data Protection

Data protection services work to help you protect your data, and therefore your personal information, safe from their cyber criminals that lurk on the web. These services help you control the flow of your digital data so that cyber criminals have far less opportunities to snatch it up. The service which does this best, is Privacy Bee. Unlike any of its competitors, Privacy Bee offers a full suite of powerful features that help you and your family stay safe and secure online. These features include removal services which help you scrub your info from the unwanted places on the web and an extended protection plan to help you and your loved ones. Privacy Bee also offers a free browser extension for custom privacy preferences and 24/7 vulnerability monitoring so that you know if your data is ever compromised.

These features work together to help you protect yourself and your loved ones from the various types of cyber crime. Privacy Bee helps you control the flow of your data and keep it out of harm’s way. By limiting the places your data is stored and monitoring it for threats, you greatly improve your online security and privacy.

So what are you waiting for? Start protecting yourself online today with a 100% free privacy evaluation!