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Remove Yourself From Data Broker Databases

Data brokers scour the internet for your personal information and sell it to the highest bidder. And because of this, they’re a serious threat to the safety of you and your family. So, how can you remove yourself from data broker databases and protect your privacy?

Your data privacy is under constant attack while you surf the web. Corporations and hackers are both desperate to get their hands on your personal information. And data brokers are perhaps the biggest threat to your privacy on the web. But what are data brokers? Well, you can think of them as the nosy, intrusive neighbors of the internet. They peek over your digital walls and eavesdrop on your online conversations. All with the intent of learning sensitive information about you. That’s right, they gather all sorts of data on you and your family and then make profiles on you!

And they don’t just gather it and group it together. They also sell it to any interested parties. Perhaps the most infamous type of data brokers, people search sites, sell profiles chock full of sensitive information. And they’re easily accessible to those who are willing to pay for them. Meaning, your boss, ex-partners, and even creepy strangers are able to find out things such as your phone number, address, and even Social Security number through data brokers. And if they have access to this sort of information, it’s not just your safety that’s being threatened. Your family is made vulnerable by data brokers as well.

Hackers are notorious for using the personal info of family members to exploit their relatives in phishing schemes and other online scams. And if your loved ones are somehow caught in a hacker’s trap, their personal privacy and financial security could be jeopardized. Thankfully there are ways for you to protect your loved ones while they surf the web. And don’t fret, there is also a way for you to remove yourself from data brokers databases entirely!

How to do the Work Yourself

So, now that we know the risk that data brokers pose to us on the internet, how do we stop them? Unfortunately, it’s not exactly easy to remove yourself from data broker databases without any help. There are countless data broker services on the internet, and tracking down each and every one of them would be virtually impossible, even for the most diligent digital cleaner.

It is possible for you to do the legwork yourself. You can methodically remove yourself from data brokers, as detailed here. But, as stated, it can be a very difficult and tedious task, as you’ll have to go to each individual data broker and follow their respective steps for deletion. So although you’re able to remove yourself from data broker databases, it often proves far too frustrating and time-consuming. Thankfully, there is a much easier way for you to scrub your personal information from their extensive databases!

The Best Data Broker Removal Service

So, how can you remove yourself from data broker databases without the stress and hassle of going through them individually? The most effective solution is Privacy Bee. Privacy Bee’s Data Broker Removal Feature makes it easy for you to keep your data out of the clutches of data brokers. By giving Privacy Bee permission to file opt-out and deletion requests on your behalf, you can sit back and relax while Privacy Bee does the heavy lifting for you.

And Privacy Bee’s unique infrastructure constantly monitors the web’s major data brokers to ensure that your information doesn’t appear in their databases. That’s right, Privacy Bee scans the internet 24/7/365 to keep your data safe. Privacy Bee erases your data from over 114 major data brokers, and with very little effort needed on your end! Simply choose which databases you want your information erased from (probably all of them) and let Privacy Bee do the work for you!

So what are you waiting for? Get started with a 100% free privacy evaluation today!