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TikTok Data Privacy: Here’s how you can keep your children safe on the popular app

TikTok is now one of the most popular apps in the world. But it’s also had its fair share of controversy. Let’s talk about data privacy on TikTok and how you can keep your kids safe on the web.

Over the past several years, TikTok has exploded in popularity. For many younger social media users, it’s far and away the most popular platform. But controversy has followed the app on its rise to the top. Issues over the app’s treatment of user data prompted outrage from the media and concerned parents. So much so that former president, Donald Trump, threatened to ban the app from the United States entirely.

While the aforementioned ban was unsuccessful, the concerns over TikTok remain. Many parents still worry about both the content which their children are being exposed to and how TikTok approaches data privacy. So, what are the privacy issues with TikTok and how can you keep your kids safe while they use their favorite sites and apps?

Issues with TikTok Data Collection

Perhaps the main driving force behind TikTok’s explosion in popularity is the app’s incredibly powerful algorithm. TikTok meticulously tracks the activity of its users. Even if they don’t interact directly with the content. TikTok tracks how long users watch or hover on certain videos so that the app can provide specific content.

You may be asking, what’s the big deal? Isn’t it a good thing that our apps can provide us content that they know we’ll enjoy? And sure, it’s undeniably nice to be hand-fed entertaining videos and posts, but consider the flip side of that coin. The reason TikTok and other apps are able to so effectively tailor content for their users is because they’re constantly tracking activity. Much like Facebook, TikTok collects a ton of data on its users. The app stores everything from your age range, gender, location, search history, and IP address. And in the US, they can even collect biometric information like face and voiceprints.

An app which collects so much sensitive information is worrisome. And especially one which has so many young users. So what can you do as a parent to protect your family from apps and sites like TikTok?

Protect Your Kids Online Data

The internet has become an integral part of our lives. And for our kids, it’s an especially important source of information and entertainment. So as parents, it’s our responsibility to make sure that our kids are safe while they’re online. A huge part of that is to protect their information from being recklessly collected by each site and app that they use.

But how can you do that? Is there a way for you to take back control of your kids data and keep it out of harm’s way?

Fortunately, there is. That way is Privacy Bee. Privacy Bee is a comprehensive data protection service which helps you keep your family safe from online privacy threats. With a full fleet of powerful tools, Privacy Bee makes it easy for you to control which sites you trust with your children’s data and which sites you don’t. With Privacy Bee’s extended family protection plan, you gain access to a variety of features that help you and your family stay safe. Those features include data broker and marketing list removal to scrub the internet of your personal info, 24/7 vulnerability monitoring to keep your family safe from digital threats, and a free browser extension to make it even easier to look out for your kids.

Sadly, the internet is a dangerous place. And just like in the real world, it’s even more dangerous for our children. Unfortunately, many of the sites and apps they use seek to store their data for marketing purposes. It’s up to us as parents to make sure that they’re protected from data hungry companies and other shady parts of the web. Thankfully, you can get started protecting your family for free today!