Privacy 101 🧠

What Does Privacy Bee Do?

You may have heard words like data breach and privacy threat being tossed around lately. And you may have heard that Privacy Bee is the best data privacy solution out there. But what exactly is Privacy Bee and what can it do for you?

It seems like nearly every day we hear about a new gadget or app that’s taking the world by storm. Everything from transportation to communication is becoming more digitized, and while that can be exciting, it doesn’t come without drawbacks. After all, to enjoy all the conveniences of the internet, we’ve often had to sacrifice our personal information. So, is there a way to enjoy all the benefits the online world has to offer without surrendering your privacy?

Fortunately, there is a way! And that way is Privacy Bee, the most comprehensive data privacy solution the internet has ever seen. With the help of Privacy Bee, you can take back control of your data and surf the web worry free! But why is it so important to keep your data in your hands? And what can Privacy Bee do to help?

Why Should You Keep Your Data Safe?

As the world becomes increasingly more digital, your data becomes more important. And unfortunately, as your data becomes more important, it becomes harder to keep safe. Hackers, scammers, and identity thieves lurk around the dark corners of the web, hoping to snatch your data. And even the companies who you think you trust are tracking your activity and storing your data!

But why does it matter if individuals or organizations can access your data? Well, it matters because your data contains sensitive information about you! If you don’t protect your data, that means countless entities will have access to your full name, phone number, email address, and even things such as your Social Security number and medical information. And it’s not just you who’s put at risk when you don’t have control over your data. Your family could be at risk as well. If malicious online actors have access to your personal information, they likely will be able to use it to contact your friends, family, and colleagues. And if they can contact them, that means they can potentially scam them as well! That’s why it’s vital to form a protective privacy bubble around you and your loved ones.

How Can Privacy Bee Help?

So, now we know how dangerous it can be to not have control of your data. But what steps can you take to protect yourself and your family while you surf the web?

Well, first and foremost, you should try Privacy Bee’s 100% free privacy evaluation! With just a few clicks on your end, Privacy Bee can provide you with a personalized privacy risk assessment. That way, you have a much better understanding of how vulnerable you are.

After completing your vulnerability analysis, Privacy Bee can provide you with a litany of features that will help you feel secure on the web! No longer trust a company with your information? Revoke trust with just a click of a button from your Consumer Privacy Dashboard. Tired of pesky marketers clogging your virtual and physical mailboxes? Simply opt-out of their lists and Privacy Bee will make sure they stop contacting you! Want to remove yourself from data broker sites? Yep, Privacy Bee can help with that too! Privacy Bee can erase your info from those sites, and they do it with the industry’s highest removal rating.

A Whole New Way To Browse

And that’s not all! Privacy Bee also offers a free Browser Extension for Chrome and Firefox that gives you even more control as you surf the web. Their extension lets you customize your privacy preferences on each and every site you visit. It makes sure only the companies you trust are able to track your activity and show you ads. All this makes for a much safer and more streamlined online experience!

And be on the lookout for several exciting new ways to protect your data in the near future! Privacy Bee’s upcoming features will make it much easier for you to control the flow of your data and in turn, preserve the privacy of you and your loved ones! Check out Privacy Bee for free today!