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Netflix Password Sharing

Netflix is one of the most popular entertainment platforms in the world. And many of us share our Netflix accounts with friends and family. Here’s why you should reconsider sharing your Netflix username and password in 2021:

Digital entertainment is the norm in 2021. Video sharing platforms like YouTube and TikTok and the ever expanding world of streaming services are home to more hours of entertainment than we could ever hope to consume. And the convenience and selection which these services provide is undeniable.

But like any other social media or entertainment platform, streaming services are susceptible to privacy threats. Netflix experienced a data breach in 2016 and with privacy threats on the rise, is certainly vulnerable to another one in 2021. And with so many of us sharing Netflix accounts, the danger is even greater for those whose email is attached to the account. The more people who have access to your account, the greater the risk. Let’s talk about Netflix and why it could be risky to share your username and password with others. 


The undisputed king of streaming services is Netflix. As of the second quarter of 2020, the streaming giant boasted a paid subscriber total of nearly 193 million users. And that number only promises to rise. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, many Americans are relying more on digital services and spending more time indoors. Meaning, streaming services will almost surely continue to increase in popularity. But with that, come the dangers of living your life digitally. Let’s explore why it could be dangerous for you to share your Netflix password with your friends and family in 2021.

Device Hacking

Device hacking occurs when someone forces their way into accessing your device without your permission. It can happen to your phone, tablet, laptop, gaming console, and television. And if they’re able to force their way into your device(s) then they may be able to obtain the personal information that your device contains. Your name, address, email, and even more sensitive info such as your credit card information and Social Security number could be visible depending on the device. Whatever it might be, that information can have disastrous effects on your safety and security if it falls into the wrong hands.

Which is exactly why sharing your Netflix password in 2021 may not be the best idea. While it’s nice to provide your loved ones with endless entertainment, you’re also opening yourself up to privacy threats. After all, the more people and companies that have your info, the more vulnerable your data is. If you share your login information, then all it takes is for one of them to experience a device hack (or for Netflix to experience a data breach) for your privacy to be at risk. If hackers get their hands on your email and password, they could target you in a variety of scams. Not to mention that they could entrap your loved ones in phishing attacks and other schemes as well!

Data Privacy

Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to prevent data attacks entirely. The digital world is a dangerous place and it’s home to countless bad faith hackers and scammers. Internet bad guys will always be out there, and they’ll always be trying to take advantage of your personal data.

But thankfully, there is a way to combat them. The best way to comprehensively protect your data and browse the web worry free is Privacy Bee.  If you share your Netflix login with friends and family, you’re opening yourself up to privacy threats. But with Privacy Bee, you can mitigate their effects with a variety of protective features.

Privacy Bee offers 24/7 vulnerability monitoring. So you’ll know immediately if your data is ever exposed in any sort of breach or attack. And Privacy Bee offers proactive services as well. Meaning that you can customize your privacy preferences so that only the apps and sites that you deem trustworthy can access your data. They even offer extended family protection so that everyone in your close circle is protected from the dangers of the web!

If your Netflix username and password are in the hands of friends and family, you’re making yourself vulnerable to security and privacy threats. But with Privacy Bee, you can take back control of your data and ensure that the personal information of you and your loved ones stays out of harm’s way! By employing Privacy Bee’s services, you’ll be the generous family member that lets everyone leech off of their Netflix account, and you’ll be protected!

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