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Personal Information Removal vs. Reputation Management

There’s a common misconception that personal information removal and reputation management are one in the same. Let’s take a closer look at what they have in common and what sets them apart.

Maintaining your reputation is important. For many of us, maintaining our reputation online is nearly as important as maintaining it with those we know in person. Some people seem to think that reputation management means simply removing their personal information from the various corners of the web. But in reality, personal information removal and reputation management are two completely different industries. They serve different purposes and are valuable to different groups. So, let’s explore what each industry is all about.

Reputation Management

Let’s start with some definitions. Reputation management services help businesses and professionals manage their online presence. These services are designed to help brands build positive reputations and repair negative ones. Their features include social media management, content creation, and review monitoring.

One popular reputation management service is quite aptly named Reputation. As stated on their site, they collect data with the intent of helping businesses improve relationships with customers. They do so by providing businesses with all forms of customer feedback so that they can better understand their user base and improve their online presence as a whole.

So, the reputation management industry is focused on helping businesses and business professionals maintain their online image. Not necessarily protecting the average consumer or internet user. Thankfully, that’s where the personal information removal industry comes in.

Personal Information Removal

Now let’s take a look at the industry which works for you, the consumer. Personal information removal services help regular consumers stay safe and private while they surf the web. They do so by helping users take back control of their data while they’re online, making it easier for them to avoid the dangers of the internet.

Unfortunately, corporations are constantly hoarding the personal information of consumers. They use it for marketing purposes, or to sell to third parties. And there are even more dangerous actors after your data as well. Hackers and scammers are always on the prowl, hoping that they can get ahold of your information and use it against you.

While reputation management is useful for businesses trying to rid the internet of bad reviews, personal information removal helps consumers protect their data from the dark side of the web. So, we’ve learned about one of the top reputation management services on the market, but what’s the best solution out there for personal information removal?

Privacy Bee Personal Information Removal Services

The top personal information removal service for consumers is Privacy Bee. Privacy Bee keeps your data out of harm’s way so that you can stay safe while you browse the internet. They do this by helping you opt out of data broker databases and marketing lists, constantly monitoring your data for threats, and protecting your entire family with extended protection plans. They even offer a free browser extension that makes it easy for you to customize your privacy preferences from site to site. All of these features work together to help you control the flow of your data so that the greedy hands of the internet can’t access it.

Unfortunately, the internet can be an unpredictable place. And now that we spend so much of our time on it, it’s even more important to protect yourself. If you’re a business owner, a reputation management solution may be the answer for maintaining your brand online. But if you’re an everyday consumer, a personal information removal service is the choice for you. And thankfully, when it comes to which service is the best, the answer is simple. Privacy Bee uses every available resource to ensure that your information is scrubbed from the unwanted parts of the web. They make it easy for you to protect yourself and your family while you use your favorite sites and apps!

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