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What are the top people search sites?

People search sites are one of the most notorious forms of data brokers. Let’s go over the most popular people search sites and how you can keep your info off of them!

If you’ve heard of data brokers, then you’ve likely heard of People Search Sites. And if that’s the case, then you know how creepy and invasive they are. People search sites not only compile your sensitive information into a profile, they also sell it to interested parties! This is not just an invasion of privacy, it can have dangerous financial implications as well. If your personal information falls into the wrong hands, bad actors can use it to start lines of credit, open up accounts in your name, and even scam your loved ones!

People search sites make it difficult to keep your personal data out of harm’s way. And they make it easy for internet evildoers to get their hands on a packet of your most sensitive information! Need even more proof that people search sites are both dangerous and creepy? Let’s learn about a few of the most popular people search sites and what sort of  information they collect.
Then, we’ll discuss the best way to stop people search sites and keep your data safe!

The Most Popular People Search Sites

  • Truthfinder
    • Truthfinder is perhaps the most popular site to obtain background checks and contact information on individuals. With a monthly subscription, you can access profiles on millions of American citizens. And the information in these profiles is even more unsettling than you might think. Not only do Truthfinder profiles include contact information and social media profiles, they also include things such as property ownership information, educational background, and job and criminal history. And that’s not all! Truthfinder profiles have been known to contain info on a person’s coworkers, roommates, and even romantic partners. Truthfinder is a prime example of why one needs to protect the data of themselves and their loved ones.
  • Instant Checkmate
    • Instant Checkmate is the most popular site for conducting criminal background checks. Along with phone numbers, email addresses, and criminal records, Instant Checkmate also sells information such as bankruptcy information and voter registration. InstantCheckmate allows its users to search for their own records and remove them from the database. But for a price. Meaning, they’re essentially holding your personal information for ransom!
  • Intelius
    • Intelius is a site which collects data on millions of Americans. It compiles data from the government and other public databases and then constructs individual profiles. Intelius is one of the most popular public records search services, and can provide tons of information on you, your loved ones, and your coworkers. This site is proof of how easy it is for people search sites to collect info on you and the people around you. And proof that you need to take measures to protect your privacy
  • Spokeo
    • Spokeo is a straight forward and very popular people search site. Much like Intelius, Spokeo’s profiles are largely composed of information pulled from publicly available services. Spokeo is great for finding the phone number, address, and full name of individuals. They have a massive database of information from over 12 billion public records.

How to remove yourself from data brokers and search sites

While these are a few of the most popular people search sites, they’re far from the only ones. There are dozens of other sites which collect your personal information so that they can sell it to third parties. And now you know the extent of the information which they know about you. Everything from your contact information to your close personal relationships can be exposed online and sold to whomever is interested. So, how do you fight back? What can you do to protect your sensitive information from the prying eyes of the internet?

Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to prevent your info from appearing online. Unless you remove yourself from the internet entirely, there will always be bits of data which slip through the digital cracks. Thankfully, you are able to remove yourself from each People Search Site that your information appears on. Unfortunately, it can be a tedious and time consuming process, since you’ll have to go to each site separately and follow the steps they require to delist yourself from their database. Very few of us have the time or energy to chase down each and every profile that the countless people search sites have created on us.

The easiest way to remove your data from the internet

But don’t give up hope just yet! There is a light at the end of the tunnel and that light is Privacy Bee. Privacy Bee is a comprehensive data privacy service that can help remove your personal information from the dark corners of the internet. And when it comes to people search sites, they can do the heavy lifting for you! Rather than going to each and every site individually, you can give Privacy Bee permission to file deletion requests on your behalf. Meaning that Privacy Bee will contact every people search site which has access to your data and compel them to remove you from their database. 

And that’s not all! Not only does Privacy Bee make it easy to scrub your data from pesky data brokers, they also constantly monitor your data to make sure it hasn’t been exposed in a data breach or other privacy threat. They also offer a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox which makes it easy for you to customize your privacy preferences as you surf the web.

Even though it’s possible for you to remove yourself from pesky people search sites, it can be a tiring and time consuming process. Rather than spending your free time combing the corners of the internet for your info, let Privacy Bee do the heavy lifting for you. Their removal services allow you to start scrubbing your data from the web with just a few clicks. Select the sites you wish to delete your data from, and Privacy Bee handles the removal process for you.

The internet can be a scary place. And while it’s certainly one of the most useful tools in modern life, it’s crucial that you protect yourself while you use it. You have a right to privacy, and that right extends to your online data. Rather than allowing predatory people search sites to hoard your data and sell it for a profit, take back control of your personal information with the help of Privacy Bee. Start by protecting yourself and your family with a 100% free privacy evaluation today!