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YouTube Safety in 2021

YouTube is the world’s most popular video sharing platform. But unfortunately, the site is rife with data privacy concerns. So, what’s the best way to keep your kids safe on YouTube and the internet as a whole in 2021?

The world of video entertainment has changed. Long gone are the days of driving to your local Blockbuster and searching the shelves for a DVD or VCR to rent. Now we have an endless world of entertainment and information at our fingertips. And while that’s undeniably exciting, it’s certainly not without its potential drawbacks and dangers.  


Along with streaming service giants like Netflix, YouTube is at the forefront of digital entertainment. As the undisputed global leader in video sharing, the platform boasts a user count of nearly 2.5 billion. And those users watch over 5 billion videos a day! Yeah, billion with a b.

With so many videos, and so many users, it’s unrealistic to expect the platform to be totally safe and secure. While YouTube does have a set of Community Guidelines that determines what content is allowed on the platform, it’s virtually impossible to filter out every piece of content or every user that may be unsafe. And if you’re a parent, the issue of safety is amplified immensely. So, let’s examine the different safety threats one may face while on YouTube and the rest of the web. And let’s explore what you can do to protect yourself and your family while on the internet.

YouTube and Internet Safety

Unfortunately, danger lurks in every digital corner of the internet. As we know, the world’s most popular social media and entertainment platforms are often the biggest targets for cyber criminals. YouTube is fair from the only place on the internet where safety is an issue in 2021. And that means that the data of you and your loved ones is vulnerable to being exposed in a data breach or other form of privacy attack.

Many times, people aren’t even aware that their data was exposed in the first place! Which is why a service like this is particularly useful to internet users. And if your data was made vulnerable in a breach, watch out. Data breaches can lead to a variety of scams which can have harmful ramifications for you and your loved ones.

And even if you’re not involved in a privacy attack, blindly browsing the internet can still be dangerous! Especially for children. Sensitive internet content is far more damaging to little ones, and allowing them to surf the web totally unhindered could be dangerous. By enrolling in a family protection service such as this one, you’re able to better control which internet sites you deem trustworthy.

YouTube Kids

Before we further examine the best way to stay safe online, let’s briefly discuss children’s safety on YouTube. The child focused side of YouTube’s platform is aptly named, YouTube Kids, and it’s immensely popular. So much so that 80% of US parents with children 11 years old and younger say that their kids watch YouTube. Tens of millions of children use YouTube Kids every week, amassing nearly 50 billion views.

While YouTube does have measures in place to protect children on the app, it’s virtually impossible to completely prevent sensitive content from making its way on the app. That’s why it’s up to you to take YouTube safety matters into your own hands in 2021. If you really want your kids protected from potentially harmful content, you’ll need to employ the services of a family privacy plan. Thankfully, there’s one that can comprehensively protect you and your loved ones:

Privacy Bee Data Protection Services

As we know, it can be difficult to always stay safe while you surf the web. And that goes double for your kids when they use the apps and sites that they love. Safety is a huge concern for your children in 2021, whether it’s on YouTube or any other site. Rather than allowing them to face the unknowns of the digital world alone, protect your family with Privacy Bee.

With an easy-to-use centralized management platform, Privacy Bee makes it simple for you to manage your child’s privacy preferences on the web. With a customizable Consumer Dashboard, Privacy Bee allows you to control which companies you do and don’t trust. Meaning only the companies you deem trustworthy will have access to your family’s data. Privacy Bee also offers 24/7 vulnerability monitoring, data broker removal services, and a free browser extension which makes it even easier to maintain your safety and privacy online.

These features make it far easier for you to protect your family while they’re online. With Privacy Bee, you can protect your family’s data from all of the dangers of the internet. With secure data, you’ll be protected from data breaches, hacks, and other privacy threats. And all of the harmful effects that come with them. In today’s day and age, our children spend much of their time online. It only makes sense that as parents, we do our best to protect them in the digital world as well as the real world.

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