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What are internet cookies? How do internet cookies work?

Cookies are perhaps the most common and widely known form of web tracker. But let’s discuss what internet cookies are exactly. And let’s talk about whether or not you should trust them.

By now, nearly all of us have at least heard of cookies. And no, not the fresh-baked chocolate chip ones that your grandma used to make. These cookies are far more digital and far less tasty. We’re talking about the cookies that websites use to collect your data and track your activity. So, what exactly are internet cookies? How do they work? And should you be doing something to stop them?

What are internet cookies?

Derived from the term “magic cookie”, HTTP or internet cookies are packets of data that a computer can receive and send back without altering said data. There are several types of cookies used for a variety of purposes, but in a general sense, cookies are used to store information. Whether that information consists of your login info, the contents of your online shopping cart, or even your computer’s location is up to the type of cookies being used and the intentions of the site using them.

What do internet cookies do?

Cookies are perhaps the internet’s favorite form of digital dessert. But although nearly every internet user has heard of cookies, most don’t know what they are exactly. And that might just come from the harmless sounding term that we use for them. What do you first think of when you hear the word cookies? Do you imagine websites greedily hoarding your data? Or do you think of snickerdoodle and oatmeal raisin? Probably the latter.

Well, we’re here to tell you that internet cookies aren’t as sweet as their real-life counterparts. In fact, they have the potential to completely sour your online experience. There is a common misconception among average internet users that cookies are inherently safe. Most don’t think twice about agreeing to a site’s use of cookies. Many aren’t even exactly sure what internet cookies are. And some think cookies are safe since the data contained within them doesn’t change.

But the dangers that accompany cookies don’t come from the potential of malware. Rather, they come from the threats that cookies pose to your online privacy. Companies use cookies to easily gather and store your data. And that data may contain very sensitive personal information that you don’t want in the hands of others.

Are internet cookies safe?

If you’re new to the world of data privacy, like most are, you may be wondering why it even matters that countless sites have access to your data. Well, beyond the obvious invasiveness of companies knowing your sensitive information, there’s also the constant threat of data breaches. Data breaches are a privacy threat which is increasing in both rate and cost to the user, and the more sites which hold your data, the more likely you are to be exposed in one. 

So what does that mean? Well, it means that each time you mindlessly agree to a site’s use of cookies, you’re opening yourself up to another potential data breach. And if your data is exposed in a breach, or any other form of privacy threat, your sensitive information can be used against you. Just think about all the forms of information which you’ve put online over the years. Everything from your social security card to your credit card information can be stored by companies, and if that info is obtained by hackers, you’d better watch out. Information so sensitive can be used in a variety of nefarious ways, including but not limited to, identity theft, credit card fraud, and entrapping your loved ones in phishing schemes.

Seems like internet cookies aren’t as much of a delicacy as the kind with flour and sugar huh?

What can you do to protect your data?

Now that you know what internet cookies are and the dangers they pose, what can you do to improve your level of online privacy and security?

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