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How to remove yourself from TruthFinder

Follow these simple steps to opt-out of TruthFinder, the people search website.

If it feels like there is an endless wave of people search websites that contain your personal information, you aren’t wrong. These sites, which often provide a multitude of information for free (and even more if you are willing to pay), can be incredibly useful if you need to find a phone number of a family member or long-lost friend. 

They can also feel incredibly intrusive.

Maybe you found yourself looking for information about a potential business partner, or your childhood next-door neighbor, and while there decided to enter your own name and see what pops up. That’s where things may have gotten scary.

People search websites can feel extremely invasive when you look in the proverbial mirror and realize how much of your own information is out there. For starters, it’s almost guaranteed that these websites have your full legal name, your age and your address listed to the public freely available. The people search websites that take it a step further likely have even more, such as your cellphone, business records, background check and vehicle registrations.

It may surprise you to know that these websites are completely legal and operate by scraping public information databases to build profiles on nearly everyone. 

Keep reading to follow our step-by-step guide on how to remove yourself from TruthFinder. To opt-out of other people search websites, you will need to follow these directions on how to remove yourself from people search websites completely.

What is TruthFinder?

TruthFinder may not be the most well-known people search website, but it is a powerful database that contains a massive amount of records. 

The company, which launched in 2015, bills itself as a background checking service and among other records, boasts that it provides an easy way to look up criminal records. It also claims to search the Dark Web to go beyond what search engines can find.

The service claims to scan hundreds of millions of public records, social network data and “more” to provide customers with complete reports on whoever they want to find. Those records include arrest records, address history, online profiles and contact information.

TruthFinder places a lot of focus on criminal records, much more than other people search websites such as whitepages, Intelius and Spokeo. The company claims to have 9.5 million sessions to its website every month and even includes a free app.

Upon entering TruthFinder for the first time, the website even offers a warning that “learning the truth about the history of your family and friends can be shocking, so please be cautious when using this tool.”  

How to remove yourself from

A full TruthFinder report, which users must pay to access, includes: 

  • Birth and death records
  • Possible relatives, friends, relationships, and even exes
  • Criminal and arrest records
  • Social media and dating profiles
  • Educational and employment history
  • Contact information
  • Known aliases
  • Census data
  • Sex offender databases
  • Assets
  • Business affiliations
  • Trademarks
  • Bankruptcies
  • Weapons permits
  • Professional licenses
  • And more

How to remove myself from TruthFinder

Removing yourself from TruthFinder is easier than some of the other people search websites out there. 

The first step to remove your info from is to visit the opt-out page here.

On that page you will be asked to enter your name, city and state to proceed.

How to remove yourself from TruthFinder.

Search the results page and locate a file with your information. You can find it by scanning for your age and relatives that you recognize.

How to remove yourself from

When you find yourself, click “Remove This Record.”

At this point, you will be asked to enter your email address to receive a confirmation email.

How to opt-out of TruthFinder.

Check your email for the confirmation email from TruthFinder (it may take some time. Also, be sure to check your spam folder).

Once you confirm your removal request via the confirmation email, wait 48 hours for your listing to be removed.

FAQ about TruthFinder Opt-outs

Is this legal?

Yes, unfortunately, it is. The service, like most people search websites, scrap publicly available databases to build profiles of unsuspecting people. People would be able to find this information on their own legally, but what companies like TruthFinder do, is make it much easier and faster.

Is there any instances where you cannot use TruthFinder?

Yes, TruthFinder is not a Consumer Reporting Agency and because of this, there are restrictions on how the information can be used. You cannot use TruthFinder to screen employees, screen tenants or screen professional services such as teachers or tutors.