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Social Media Apps and Data Privacy

Social media apps are one of the biggest threats to data privacy on the web. Let’s examine how social media sites and apps handle your personal information.

Social media is a big part of our lives. Many of us use multiple social media apps every single day. They provide us with endless information, entertainment, and ways to socialize. But there’s a darker side to social media as well. While our favorite sites and apps make it easy for us to stay engaged and entertained online, they also make it incredibly difficult to stay safe digitally. A big time digital threat to your safety is the issue of privacy abuse. So, how exactly do your favorite social media sites and apps treat your right to data privacy?

Social Media Platforms

It’s already tough to stay safe on the web in today’s digital age. Companies are constantly tracking you, and hackers lurk around every digital corner. These internet snoops thrive off of your data, and without the proper measures, they’ll snatch it up and gain access to your most sensitive information.

Your personal information is an increasingly valuable resource to corporations, hackers, and scammers alike. And with so many different social media apps out there, it can be difficult to keep that personal info private. After all, the more sites and apps that have access to your data, the more opportunities there are for that data to fall in the wrong hands. And if that happens, you could be in big trouble.

Social media platforms are particularly dangerous for your privacy because of all the different forms of personal information they display. Sure, social media is a great way of sharing certain parts of your life with your friends, family, and coworkers. But you probably don’t want all of your personal information being exposed to strangers.

Data Privacy: Why is it Important?

Remember that “big trouble” we mentioned earlier? You might be wondering what we meant by that. Well, poor data privacy can have disastrous consequences for the online safety of you and your family. Think of all the sensitive information you’ve put online over the years. The countless accounts we’ve signed up for and apps we’ve downloaded nearly all request you provide some sort of information along the way.

And your name, address (both physical and email), and phone number are only the tip of the iceberg. Many of us have even more sensitive information floating around the internet.  Even your most intimate details such as your Social Security number, financial and criminal history, and medical information are likely stored in databases somewhere on the web. If information so sensitive is obtained by bad actors, your financial safety and personal privacy are thrown into serious jeopardy. Hackers and scammers can use that information to manipulate your family members, open lines of credit in your name, and even stalk you and your loved ones.

How to Stay Safe on Social Media Apps

Social media apps are a double edged sword when it comes to data privacy. While they do provide your friends and followers with a glimpse into your life, they could also potentially expose you to the more invasive side of the internet. And certain platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, are particularly reckless with your privacy. Not only do they constantly track your activity within their app, they also share your data with other sites through cross trackers!

So, what can you do? How can you prevent sites (social media and otherwise) that you don’t trust from being reckless with your data? The answer is surprisingly simple: sign up for Privacy Bee. Privacy Bee makes it easy for you to control which companies have access to your data and which don’t. By selecting which companies to trust through Privacy Bee’s Consumer Dashboard, you take the stress out of surfing the web. Rather than blindly handing over your personal information to each site you visit and app you use, you’ll now only provide data to the companies you deem trustworthy.

On top of that, Privacy Bee can remove you from invasive data brokers and pesky marketing lists! And those are only a few of the services Privacy Bee provides that help you stay safe and maintain your privacy while online. So, what are you waiting for? Start protecting yourself and your family from the dangers of social media apps for free today!