Hackers 👨🏻‍💻

Here’s how hackers get ahold of your data

Hackers can use your data to exploit you and your family financially. But how do they get your data in the first place? And how do you stop them?

Hackers have run rampant on the internet for years. They snatch up our data and use our information against us and our loved ones. But most of us don’t understand just how dangerous it is when hackers have our personal information. Nor do we understand how hackers get our info in the first place. So, let’s learn more about hackers and how you can stop them from putting you and your family at risk.

How are Hackers Dangerous?

Your online data is an incredibly valuable asset. Your data contains a ton of sensitive personal information about you and your family. Everything from your full name, address and phone number to your Social Security number, medical history, and financial info can be found in your digital data. And all of this info can be used against you by hackers and scammers.

Since your data is so valuable, companies hoard it for marketing purposes. That’s incredibly invasive in and of itself. But when hackers are able to infiltrate these companies and snatch up your data, that’s when things get really scary. They can use your personal information in a variety of schemes that can threaten the safety and financial security of you and your family.

Whether it’s a phishing scheme, account takeover, or credit card fraud, the actions of hackers can result in serious financial loss for you and your loved ones. And unfortunately, these types of schemes have continually rise over the past several years. For a list of the most common hackers and the types of schemes they carry out, check this out.

How Hackers Get Your Data

So now we understand why it’s so dangerous for your data to be in the hands of hackers. But how exactly do they get their hands on it in the first place? Well the sad truth is that there are a bunch of different ways that hackers can get ahold of your data.

One of the most common and well known ways is through a data breach. A data breach occurs when an individual or organization accesses your data without your permission. Hackers will breach the databases of corporations in order to obtain your personal info. They then either hold your data hostage and extort companies for payment, or they use your info to commit various forms of fraud.

Hackers also conduct social engineering schemes in which they can manipulate you or those who know you. They do this by obtaining your personal information from public sources (such as social media or public records) and then using your sensitive info to commit fraud or dupe your loved ones out of money or information.

These are just a few of the ways hackers can scoop up your info. So, how can you protect yourself online by stopping hackers in their tracks?

The Best Way to Protect Your Data

The easiest and most effective way to stop hackers from accessing your info is through a data protection service. These services help you remove your information from the unwanted parts of the web and monitor your data for any potential threats.

The top consumer data protection service is Privacy Bee. Privacy Bee offers a full suite of comprehensive features that make it quick and easy for you to improve your online safety and privacy. Features such as data broker removal and marketing list opt-outs mean that your data will no longer be floating around each and every corner of the web. And their free browser extension and extended protection plan means that your entire family can stay safe on each and every site that they visit.

Privacy Bee makes it far easier for you to combat hackers and their schemes. Hackers are a danger to you and your family because of the threat they pose to your data. By cutting off their access to your data, you nip the threat of hackers right in the bud. Privacy Bee’s various powerful features help you do exactly that.

So what are you waiting for? Give Privacy Bee a try with a 100% free privacy evaluation!