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Social media hygiene: How to delete tweets for good in 2021

Unfortunately, much of what you post online doesn’t simply disappear if you delete it. Do you need to clean up your Twitter without deleting it entirely? Here’s how to permanently delete past tweets in 2021!

For over a decade, Twitter has been an internet staple. In just a few short years after its launch in 2006, the service exploded in popularity and has since become one of the most popular social media platforms on all the web. Twitter started as a “microblogging service” where its users could share their thoughts with their friends and followers. Over the past 15 years the platform has become a huge source for news, entertainment, and discourse for its more than 330 million monthly users. 

Perhaps you’re one of those users, and who could blame you? Twitter has made it easy for users to socialize and spread information to millions of people all around the world. And while that’s undeniably convenient, it opens you up to massive privacy issues as well. If you don’t have a private account, you’re giving millions of strangers an open window into your online identity. Maybe a younger you posted something foolish, or perhaps you want to make sure your account is family friendly! Your friends, relatives, and co-workers can all find your account and if you’ve been reckless with the content you’ve interacted with, there could be consequences. After all, your past tweets could come back to haunt you.

And even if you don’t currently have an active Twitter account, your old tweets could still be floating around the internet. There are ways to view tweets from inactive accounts, and even tweets that users have actively deleted. So, how exactly do you delete tweets for good in 2021? Follow these simple steps to delete unwanted tweets permanently. And then we’ll learn how you can protect your privacy and stay safe while you surf the web!

Getting rid of old internet posts

Deleting a tweet seems simple enough right? Just go through your account and manually delete each tweet you no longer deem funny, interesting, or appropriate. Or if you’re looking for a more efficient way of deleting tweets, you can use a mass deletion service. This sort of service will allow you to delete tweets in bulk rather than individually. 

Simply deleting your tweets however, may not be a permanent solution. As we know, it’s rarely a simple process to permanently remove anything from the internet. And that’s certainly true when it comes to getting rid of tweets. In order to clean the internet of your tweets as best as possible, you’ll need to delete your Twitter Archive and clear your Google Cache. 

You can delete your Twitter Archive easily with a social media management service such as CircleBoom or TweetDelete. After requesting your Twitter Archive from Twitter, services like these can help you easily choose which tweets you want to delete for good. 

In order to fully scrub the web of your old tweets, you’ll also need to clear your Google Cache. This is a simple process that many of us have done countless times before, but it’s necessary to repeat after clearing your Twitter Archive. Otherwise, your old tweets may still pop up in search engines. And if you’re unfamiliar with how to clear your browsing history or cache, here’s a helpful article. If you follow these steps, you’ll be able to truly delete tweets in 2021.

Protecting your privacy online

The extra steps necessary to fully delete tweets are indicative of a greater issue with the internet. Social media platforms, e-commerce sites, and entertainment outlets all store your data at an alarming rate. And the more companies that have your data, the more likely it is for your sensitive information to be exposed in a data breach. So what can you do to protect your privacy? 

The best way to protect yourself and your family while online is with Privacy Bee. Privacy Bee is a comprehensive data privacy service that helps you control the flow of your personal information on the web. Rather than browsing the internet helplessly, you can use Privacy Bee’s variety of features to ensure your own safety and that of your loved ones. Privacy Bee constantly monitors the web for potential threats to your data, and also gives you the ability to customize your privacy preferences on every site you visit.

That’s right, you finally get to be in charge of your data while you browse. Privacy Bee let’s you decide which companies you trust, and then works to prevent those which you don’t trust from accessing your data. So if you no longer trust Twitter with your data, or perhaps you’re tired of Facebook spying on you, you can keep your information out of their clutches.

There are ways to scrub the internet of your old social media content. But they can be tedious and time consuming. Rather than going through the hassle of retroactively cleaning up your digital footprint, use a proactive service like Privacy Bee to make your browsing experience easier and safer. Get started today with a 100% free privacy evaluation!